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Care For Your Wares

Our items have been created with so much love, and need to be treated the same.

From daybeds, to rugs, we recommend consulting us for each unique product care information. However, here are some general, must-do guidelines to keeping your wares in beautiful condition.

First rule of thumb – the sun can destroy or speed up the process of destroying nearly every fabric, wood, natural product there is. We don’t sell any furniture that is made for full outdoor use. There are loads of products that can increase the life of the goods, but ultimately you will void any warranty by placing your goods in direct sunlight.

Rattan Collection

Rattan Care

As Rattan is a organic material, we do not recommend direct sunlight as it will dry out the rattan which may lead to it becoming brittle (undercover is best). If your item becomes wet, make sure you wipe it down immediately as moisture can potentially affect the furniture (warping and mould)

If you have purchased one our painted rattan pieces, prolonged dampness may make the paint flake off over time – this includes that wonderful humidity we in QLD get through parts of summer. Take the time to make sure your pieces get aired/sun to stop the humidity/dampness affecting the piece.

If woven rattan starts to unravel on your furniture, bundles of fine rattan tule are commonly available online. Some pieces may require a light sand and re-coat with varnish. As damage or wear may be from various elements we recommend consulting a professional or doing a little research to find the right solution for you!

If the damage is beyond minor, check the directory for places in your area that fix rattan furniture.

Beach Range Furniture

Our ever-popular Beach range is made of recycled Pine and recycled Elm wood. This is a medium dense wood, which requires a little love to see it through the years. We have found by lightly cleaning it regularly you can help maintain the beautiful finish. Contact the store for current product we are using – Pledge wooden floor and surface cleaner always worked a treat polished in with a soft cloth.

The table tops can always be sanded back lightly if you require a harder finish.

Remember sun is the killer here – it can change colourings, dry out the wood, mark the finishes.

Beach Collection
Creating a sense of calm in your home

Other wooden furniture

Our other ranges also require a little love to see them through to the best of their ability. Imagine if we went out each day with no sunscreen – how would your skin hold up to every day in the sun? That is why we ask you to look after your wood, if you use it outside check it regularly. Teak wood is always a great wood to use outside as it is naturally oily, the natural deterrent of water. However, over the years the oil can dissipate and the wood suffers – goes grey. – ha so do we all.

Upholstered furniture

All of our upholstered furniture – leather or fabric, will not handle direct sunlight – and yes that means a large glass window. The sun in Queensland is a killer, it’s harsh, even a blind won’t make it safe. We recommend you get your sofa cleaned by a reputable cleaner. The store has a list if you don’t know of one.

Living Room Furniture